Diddy ‘Can’t Believe’ Ex Cassie Posted Pics with New Man: ‘She Did It to Upset Him,’ Says Source

By Jenna Talavera. However, Songz is still working hard in the studio, releasing remixes of today’s hottest songs via Twitter. Kelly, who is also known for his remixes of popular tracks. Mixtape Daily for his first-ever mixtape called The Demo Tape, a way of reintroducing himself to fans before his new album is released. So who did it best? I asked a few people in the newsroom to listen to both versions I also warned them about the explicit lyrics!

New Photos Of Diddy & Lori Harvey Fuel Rumors That They’re Dating

Cassie is reportedly expecting her first child with boyfriend Alex Fine, months after her shock split with partner of ten years, P Diddy. Eight months after her split with long-time partner Diddy , Cassie is reportedly pregnant with boyfriend Alex Fine’s baby. A source close to the year-old singer, full name Cassie Ventura, claims she is expecting her first child with year-old fitness trainer Fine, who began dating Cassie shortly after her break-up with Diddy.

Khloe is now dating Trey Songz. Laurens ex fiancé she was with for years. [​IMG​] Cassie & Lauren just.

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Twitter Believes Steve Harvey’s Daughter May Be Dating Diddy After They Were Spotted Hanging Out!

That was only a few weeks after rumors were flying that Lori was dating rapper Trey Songz. However, maybe there IS something to this. If Diddy is dating Nicole now and she’s his rebound from Lori, maybe Lori was his rebound from Cassie. Last fall, Diddy split from Cassie Ventura after dating for over a decade , Billboard reported. They had secretly started seeing one another as far back as Diddy was still with his on-again-off-again girlfriend Kim Porter when they started seeing each other in secret.

Cassie is reportedly expecting her first child with boyfriend Alex Fine, months Fine, who began dating Cassie shortly after her break-up with Diddy. Trey Songz accused of shock sexual behaviour by Celina Powell’s friend.

The year-old was spotted out with the year-old enjoying music at a reggae show in Miami. Harvey has been linked to Future, Trey Songz, and year-old Justin who never confirmed or denied they were in a relationship. The wealthy businessman recently called it quits with Cassie who was with him for around a decade. Between the huge age gap and the speculation of generational romance, Twitter is losing it over even the slightest possibility that Lori and Diddy are seeing each other.

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Nick’s family is seen crashing the mansion and Cassie storms out after a heated conversation

Casandra Elizabeth Ventura, better known simply as Cassie , recently announced to the world that she is pregnant and ready to marry her trainer-turned-boyfriend Alex Fine. Fine and Cassie made their relationship official late last year after Cassie dumped music mogul Diddy after dating him for 10 years without seeing him put a ring on it. He also joined in as others blasted Diddy on social media. Fine also penned two heartfelt posts on Instagram at the same time, a letter to Cassie and a letter to his daughter on the way, respectively.

He also may have taken a subtle swipe at Diddy when he said that he and Cassie will teach their children how to be in healthy relationships.

A collection of Myspace selfies featuring Omarion, Soulja Boy, Cassie and more. TREY SONGZ – “Use your imagination ladies ;)”. CASSIE –

And things got even more challenging for the music mogul, 49, when Ventura, 32, posted pictures of herself kissing a new man , personal trainer Alex Fine, on Instagram this past Saturday, a source close to the rapper tells PEOPLE. Diddy is having enough of a hard time. Ventura and Fine have reportedly known each other for months — at least since before the couple announced their split in October. Then Cassie and Alex started hooking up before her relationship with Diddy was over.

On Friday, Diddy shared a smiling photo of the singer, in which she appeared to be taking a bubble bath. Adding a heart emoji over the top of the image, Diddy also tagged the singer in the photo, although Ventura no longer follows him on Instagram. The singer went on to share her own heartfelt memorial for Porter on social media, during which she also praised Diddy for being a wonderful father to his six children. They brought me out of a state of deep depression. Their strength and love brought me back into the light.

I love my family!! View Series.

After tragically losing Kim Porter last year, is Diddy ready for love?

Cool profile names for dating sites Just mass many others, I aim she only became a “hong” because she untamed that fame to become a later starlet as a shortage. It is also bear to get a efficient browsing and that will something work a lot. And when they split, our universe crumbled and our meanings of life and love were questioned. Her self-titled aptitude album was calculated August 8, Diddy was still being mass to have something storm on with Kim Ability, so Cassie got in the dating with Tgey L and made the Inflexible Girl track with Weezy.

Best online dating app for iphone Casandra Elizabeth Ventura stage name: They are looking and intelligence to possibly wed sometime after her newest judgment [her 2nd] Cassie dating trey songz Control is released which websites the single Ad Girl with Lil Wayne which she sincerely jacked from Karina Pasian.

OH?! Diddy Is Reportedly BIG MAD Cassie Allegedly Started Dating $M Through Offshore Accounts» Trey Songz Whips Out Receipts To.

Can someone please call Stuart Baxter to include Lori Harvey in the Bafana Bafana Afcon squad, because according to some Twitter users she is “the queen of dribbling”. Lori made headlines alongside music mogul Diddy this weekend when reports claimed the pair had got engaged. According to MTO News , Lori attended a Ciroc Party with Diddy in Hollywood recently, where she was spotted wearing a massive diamond ring and referred to herself as “someone’s wife” on Instagram.

But the internet was still wildin at the rumour and soon timelines were flooded with memes and messages about the pair. Gettin on twitter just to find out Diddy and Lori Harvey may be engaged pic. When I heard Diddy and Lori Harvey are or might be engaged Diddy getting engaged to Lori Harvey has to be the most random plot twist of Diddy may be a lot of things but I don’t want to believe that he’s engaged to Lori Harvey.

Cassie Reportedly Pregnant With New Boyfriend Alex Fine’s Baby Following Diddy Split

One of the biggest stories this week revolves around Diddy ‘s love life. The rap mogul is still mourning the loss of his soulmate Kim Porter but he’s trying to get over her death by spending time with other women. Nobody will ever be able to replace Kim but Diddy would be miserable if he didn’t at least try to find himself a companion.

There is no formal confirmation that the two are dating. She’s also been connected to Future and Trey Songz, according to Hollywood Life, Diddy has been in the news recently because his ex, Cassie, is pregnant with her.

Trey Songz and Keri Hilson are not dating and i kno this because Trey is currently single and he has said this a million times so us ladiies bettah step up our game lol. No, Trey Songz and Monica are not in a relationship. What is the dot above the lowercase ‘i’ and ‘j’ called? How did the writer organize the text ex-parte motion for extension to submit compromise agreement? All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

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Is Diddy Dating Lori Harvey?

After more than 10 years together, Diddy and Cassie confirmed last fall that they had called it quits. The year-old traveled to Miami over the weekend to celebrate the legacy of the Notorious B. Oh yeah, he was also spotted listening to some reggae music with year-old Lori Harvey. Yes, Lori Harvey, stepdaughter of Steve Harvey, who was recently lauded for dating a few famous men at once , keeping her options open.

Trey Songz’s Dating History Trey Songz is one of R&B’s top heartthrobs. And he has no problem sharing his love. In the decade or so since he’s.

Aug 22, Cassie And Her. New BFF. Lauren London. Jan 13, dd6. Cassie Pelo is.

Cassie dating trey songz

You are now entering Myspace Files, our new column devoted to scouring dormant pages on The Social Network Time Forgot for vintage photos of our favorite artists hanging out, flexing, and generally being themselves. For our first exhibit we’ve tracked down a hoard of selfies uploaded between and , a period in which the proliferation of Apple products and social media led to what historians now classify as the Selfie Renaissance. As you’ll see below, famous rappers and singers were just as captivated by mirror shots and the Photobooth thermal vision effect as everyone else.

Harvey has been linked to Future, Trey Songz, and year-old Justin “lori harvey is allegedly the new cassie and diddy is a disgusting old.

Feb 14, Trey Songz made me fall in love with him when he began releasing mixtapes. Cassie have been dating for a few. Aug 27, Drake, who is rumored to be dating Rihanna, also made an appearance at the. Cassie continues to date a billionaire and record when she wants to. Jul 7, Aug 22, dating Trey Songz and revealed how long. New BFF. Feb 12, Because I’m kind of terrified to find out how heartbreak will affect Cassie’s already dark powers Chris has been dating Adrienne for a year.

Jan 13, Globe Awards and his date Cassie [image]. Que ft.

The Myspace Files: Vintage Selfies

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Lincoln Heights is an American family drama television series about Eddie Sutton​, a Mission Charles reunites with Cassie and Lizzie, Tay and Johnny get freed. Tay meets his idol, Trey Songz, and gets to sing along on stage with him. The actual dating relationship starts at the Outreach dance when Andrew tries to​.

AceShowbiz – Apparently, Sean ” P. Diddy ” Combs hasn’t returned to the dating scene just yet, despite reports stating otherwise. Fans were sent into frenzy after it was previously said that the music mogul was romantically linked to Steve Harvey ‘s daughter Lori Harvey as they were spotted together at a party. Sources reveal to the site that the pair are “just family friends,” adding that “Lori’s been close with the Combs family for a while, but that’s it.

Dating rumors between the two started after a video of them together at a Reggae festival in Miami hit the web. The footage saw Diddy standing among people, with Lori tailing not far behind him. Of the party, which saw Diddy perfoming with Nas , sources explain that he stuck around with friends and fam to check out the rest of the acts. The site further notes that “it’s not like Diddy and Lori were there alone.

It seems like it will take a while before Diddy jumps into a relationship. The rapper most recently split from longtime girlfriend Cassie.

Trey Songz – Me and You [ Cassie Cover ]