Infinite’s L (Kim Myung-soo): Story About His Relationship with His Ex-Girlfriend Kim Do-yeon!

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[Update- Photos] Infinite’s L Rumored to be in a Relationship

Now, he is still single and ready to mingle. Aside from being a member of Infinite, Sungyeol is also a singer and actor. During an interview, Sungyeol was caught off guard when asked if he ever fell in love with a woman. He his not deny that he once fell members girlfriend and they dated for four years.

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March 13, Birthplace:. One, South Korea Height:. Blood Type:. One photos and articles about Kim Myungsoo on Facebook. Get the latest tabs, soo, updates. Browse myungsoo fanfics and stories. Tabs In Register. Shark Grow:. Infinite s Real Youth Life. I love you soo saranghae chama hajimotan. You cannot lie about this one! Infinite definition, immeasurably great:.

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He’s not saying a word but his fans are already shielding him I’m a woman myself but I truly have no words for the logic of some female fans. A lot of the L homepage admins have already acknowledged that he’s dating anyway. He should have more respect for his fans Couple clothes, bracelet, sneakers ‘draw attention’ Source: E-Today via Nate 1.

The industry is so weird.

Lyrics for Infinite will help you to sing your favourite songs. conclude that L has been hiding a special lady friend from the rest of us for dating knows how long.

Since Wednesday, the Korean entertainment industry has been shaken by several celebrity relationships and a couple of dating scandals, making us all wonder if there is something going on with the drinking water in Seoul. Top that all off with some very convincing photographic evidence of girl group f x member Sulli holding hands with Choiza of Dynamic Duo, and you’ve got yourself celeb gossip to keep you quite busy.

There has been significant talk among INFINITE fans for a while now that member L dating someone, and the evidence that has been compiled by netizens as of now is indeed staggering. Pictures of L and Kim Do Yeon a chocolate-loving ulzzang, or “best face,” a person who has risen to minor celebrity status for her good looks have been rounded up, as well as a handful of tweets, and while none of them show the alleged couple together, they are pretty solid evidence nonetheless.

Netizens have pointed out that L and Kim Do Yeon have sported the same clothes and that the singer’s very unique bracelet has popped up in some of her photos. Additionally, and more recently, pictures of the two grocery shopping together have surfaced. What’s more, a scan of Kim Do Yeon’s Twitter account reveals some hidden messages to her suspected beau and her friends’ accounts appear to reveal some inside information.

After a day or so of compiling suspected evidences, fans and netizens got a statement from L’s agency Woollim flat out denying a relationship between the two. One report quotes a Woollim representative as saying, “Because L was handling his schedule overseas, it took us some time to confirm.

INFINITE’s L Gets Himself Mixed Up In A Dating Scandal, Woollim Denies Rumors

To enjoy our website, you’ll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Please click here to learn how. Infinite’s L, who is both a singer and the actor who played the young So Ji Sub in “The Master’s Sun,” is dating aspiring actress Kim Do Yeon, but it has not been an entirely positive experience.

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Myungsoo dating you

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Woollim admits INFINITE’s L dating rumors were real; girlfriend to start a lawsuit No one cares whether you’re dating L or not so shut up and go eat your.

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Halo Infinite: Twice as big and a brand new enemy

Email address:. Infinite sunggyu dating rumors. Lets go in the infinite dating rumors that woohyun, scroll for infinite ‘mini fanmeeting’. During infinite zul asna loading unsubscribe from what i kissed dating her.

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Four new idol couple rumors in less than 48 hours?! Thanks to the work of fans-turned-idol-vigilantes, netizens have uncovered enough photographic and Twitter-related evidence to conclude that L has been hiding a special lady friend from the rest of us for goodness knows how long. Never heard of her? The friend tweeted supposedly in regards to the photo :. Because of Boreum, my close friend is having some real issues with her boyfriend. If this rumor turns out to be true, my advice remains the same as always: Idol, good job on having a life.

If anything, the netizens deserve a break after years and years of squinting at pixelated cell phone pictures looking for evidence of matching couple jewelry. Cast your votes below for the next unlikely idol couple to join the September matchmaking marathon! Editors’ Picks. Popular Tags:. See All. Flower of Evil Ep.

myungsoo dating you lyrics

The agency commented, “L and Kim Do Yeon became close friends after being acquainted through a mutual friend However, they are not dating like it has been said. Another rep offered a bit more details as he said, “Kim Do Yeon is one of many friends that L came to know towards the start of their world tour through another friend From what I know, they are just two among many close friends.

They are not a couple.

(Grandpagyu). In response to a tweet posted by Kim Myung Yeon in which a hidden message reading “I miss you, Myungsoo,” Myungsoo being L’s infinite name.

Master Chief is back and doing what he does best – aerating alien bad guys. We find Chief ignoring the angry rants of the pilot who rescued him from floating in space in the initial trailer that launched back in The mission? Disable some rather large anti-aircraft guns. At the start of the mission, we hear the familiar comical dialog of the grunts. After blasting a few of the familiar foes, Chief jumps in a Warthog, which looks to have some of the best vehicle controls to date.

Developer Studios claims that Infinite takes place on an entirely new Halo ring and is twice as big as previous games in the series. It was confirmed that Infinite will run in 4K at a smooth 60 frames per second. But, back to the guns. While we definitely saw some familiar blasters.

INFINITE’s Agency Confirms That INFINITE L & Kim Do Yeon did date – 인피니트 엘-김도연, 열애 인정